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Ready to Run Models


What to expect


Our models will come to you in individual coach size presentation boxes where appropriate.

The models come complete and ready to run, to your specifications.

They come with standard hook and bar couplings though-out, interiors and glazing. We will fit windscreen wipers to driving cabs as required.

We try to follow the prototype as close as possible.

Our models are generally multi-media models consisting of injection moulded plastic, high quality resin parts, white metal and etched brass. Because of this construction we suggest that our models are used and stored in conditions that are generally room temperature.




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Our standard motor fit is a brand new Hornby motor (usually out of their Class 73, Class 153 or similar, but this may change depending what is available as spares).

The motor is fitted within the model as discreetly as possible, usually within the brake van area. The motor comes with pick-ups on all four wheels and we also fit pick-ups on all four wheels of the trailing bogie as well to enhance performance.

We can fit an alternative motor choice, as desired by the client, please contact us for details and a quote.








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DCC Control


All of our motorised models come “DCC ready” and fitted with a blanking plate to the chip socket. If required, a chip can be fitted at a later date, externally without requiring the opening of the body of the motor coach. The only exception to this is the Plasser & Thuerer Tamper. The model is so small that the only real option is to hardwire the chip to the motor.

We can supply and fit a standard DCC chip during construction, if required. We can also fit a supplied sound chip to our models if desired.








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Body Finish


Our models come with door handles and grab rails fitted to the passenger doors and handrails to service doors as prototypical.

We provide sole plate foot boards as prototypical to the unit being modelled.

We do extensive research on underframe details to our models and have represented them as accurately as possible.

We have found that the best way to supply our models is with the body fixed to the chassis. This means that access to the interiors is possible, but not simple.







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Client Choices


Apart from the obvious choice of colour schemes, because our models are built individually to order, there is a wide range of options the client can choose. These include :-

Unit Number and coach numbers

Destination Blind Wording (Including made up names)



We can also offer alternative motor choices, DCC chip provision, as well as sound chip fitting.


Unfortunately, at present, we cannot offer lighting to our units





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We offer a weathering service to our models. Usually this is a light application of dirt, but we can weather to a photograph if desired.













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