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Ready to Run Models

We offer a wide range of items finished to your requirements, including unit numbers, headcodes and destination blinds etc. Our models are generally multi-media models consisting of injection moulded plastic, high quality resin parts, white metal and etched brass. Because of this construction we suggest that our models are used and stored in conditions that are generally room temperature. (This is due to the different expansion of these materials).

All of our EMU & DMU models (unless stated otherwise) come complete with a brand new Hornby motor with pick-ups from all eight wheels on that carriage and all are DCC ready or can have a DCC chip fitted if you wish. Should you require anything different to this or have a specific project which isnít shown on this site, we are always happy to discuss your requirements and provide a quotation.

All of our models come with interiors and couplings as required.

We offer weathering on our models for an extra cost (unless stated as no extra charge)

Britannia Pacific Kits

As we, in effect, build our own kits, most of our models are available in kit form, although due to the time taken to provide instructions etc. not all are immediately available. Should you require any of our models in kit form, please feel free to contact us to ask for availability and cost.

DC Kits

Some of our models are built based on DC Kits productions. Unfortunately we do not stock DC Kits items and only have enough parts for our own requirements. Should you want a DC Kits product you will need to contact them at


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